OCA-user groups as a work platform

On working level, OCA currently has four active user groups dealing with different subjects in road traffic technology.

User groups aim at sharing information and best practice amongst members. Members sometimes develop approaches which are transferable and of highest value for other members. They may lead to improved applications or they may help to reduce costs. Furthermore, also the user groups produce working results, which are recorded and made available to all OCA members.

The following are the objectives of the individual user groups are described:

OCA-user group “OCIT-Outstations“:

The OCA user group “OCIT-Outstations” aims at

  • developing strategies and methods of reducing administrative overhead in vendor mixed environ-ments, as they are enabled by the OCIT standard:
    • multi-vendor management
    • quality assurance
    • education and further qualification
  • specifying requirements for the ODG and OCIT traffic signal controller manufacturers.

The user group is chaired by Mr. Stephan Mros (Munich, Tel.:+49 89 233 32281).


OCA-user group „Centres / quality and safety standards“:

The OCA user group “Centres / quality and safety standards” has the following objectives:

  • OCA member platform for information and sharing best practice
  • future ITS and traffic management applications
  • share practical experience regarding traffic signal quality assurance tools
  • development of an interface for the MS Excel base user tool for traffic signal quality assurance (“OCA quality spider”) to mainstream commercial traffic signal quality assurance tools
  • dialogue with manufacturers of commercial traffic signal quality assurance tools.

The user group is chaired by Mr. Dirk Herrmann (Stuttgart, Tel.: +49 711 216 96992).


OCA-user group „OCIT / continuous supply chain„:

This OCA working group addresses the following subjects:

  • specification of operational behaviour for traffic signal controllers (standardisation via the OCTS committee or OCA guidelines)
  • monitoring of / contribution to the OCIT-Outstations V3 development
  • publication of articles in the SVT magazine
  • share best practice regarding the practical application of the OCIT standards

This working group is chaired by Mr. Michael Piszczek (Cologne, Tel.: +49 221 221 28701).


OCA-user group “Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)“

The OCA working group on ITS aims at:

  • extensive information of members about the ITS activities on national and European level
  • participation in ITS standardisation activities on behalf of the OCA membership
  • participation in EU-projects
  • share best practice regarding traffic management, adaptive network control and other ITS applica-tions
  • contribution to the OTS process

This working group is chaired by Mr. Olaf Koch (Hamburg, Tel.: + 49 40 428 26 22 54).