Results of the OCIT process

From the beginning on, the OCA attended the standardisation process of communication interfaces for vendor-mixed systems by introducing and representing the operator interests in the OCIT process.

With the OCIT Outstation specification versions 1.1 and 2.0, standardized communication interfaces between control centres and traffic signals are available for years that are harmonised between ODG and OCA and usable in different manufacturers systems. In most public tenders OCIT Outstation is required. All major system manufacturers support this standard in their current products. OCIT Outstations has proven itself thousands of times in practical use in many European countries. It covers most of the operator requirements on competitive open, vendor mixed systems.
The expected introduction in the near future of C-ITS leads to new demands on OCIT Outstations, which is the input in the current development of OCIT Outstations version "3.0" and "car". Again the OCA offers to ODG to continue bring in resultant operator requirements in the standardization process in a constructive manner.

With OCIT Instations-, OCIT C- and OTS interfaces for supply and process data interfaces were created for standardised data exchange between central systems. They support a standardised exchange of so-called user supply data (VD) on the one hand, to allow supply processes in centres and field devices in different manufacturers systems, on the other hand the standardised exchange of so-called process data such as status information, measurements etc. between central systems - for example between Traffic computers and VM systems. Due to the compatibility of OCIT-Instations with OCIT Outstations, a manufacturer-independent, integrated supply chain can be realized from centres to field devices via an OCIT VD-Server (gateway).
As with OCIT outstations, currently the Instation standards are also evolved due to the expected introduction of C-ITS to cover these new requirements.
To support the ever-increasing demands on the regional and national as well as European integration of systems of different operators to the networking of intelligent transport systems (ITS), the OCA  is actively involved in the OCTS (OCTS = Open Communication Standards for Traffic Systems) harmonization committee and supports the further development of standards such as CEN/TS 16157 (DATEX II) or SPaT/MAP (ISO/TS 19091).

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