In the R&D „Dmotion” and “OTS 2” projects, funded by the BMWi, a configuration framework was developed with the purpose of adapting OTS-specifications to changing requirements, checking realizations for conformity and using system’s specifications correctly.

This configuration framework is referred as OTS-framework. It is currently being brought to a maturity so that OTS communication architecture is disseminated as an open and therefore transmittable standard, contributes to the opening of the market and with the associated economic applicability can keep itself alive.

The OTS framework contains 3 pillars in total:

  • The OTS-instruments pillar provides necessary resources, that users and providers need in order to be able to develop, present and describe their own ideas about OTS-compliant system structures or products.
  • The OTS-communication architecture pillar provides all tools, which enable realization and test of the communication between sub-systems of different manufactures, that need to be integrated in one overall system.

  • The OTS-process pillar includes all the elements, that specify the framework to ensure legal certainty and liability in the use of standards.